Welcome to a frequency of conscious evolution and healing. Are you feeling like you are ready to just let go and embrace your deepest Soul’s truth?

Dr. G. Love is holding space for Conscious Evolutionaries around the globe. We are in a portal of great personal and planetary awakening. Many people are feeling this Shift in consciousness and wondering.. “What now? How do I know how to be with these new ways of awareness? How can I get my life to reflect the energies I’m feeling inside?”

The teachings of the ancient ones remain with us today. Dr. G. Love has been gifted with the medicines of our Global cross-cultural Indigenous Technologies and is guided to share this medicine with the awakening global community of kindred souls. Through individual healing sessions, apprenticeships, workshops, Earth Stewarding, and Ancestral connections Dr. G. Love has assisted thousands of awakening Souls on their evolutionary journeys.

Dr. G. Is a practical 21st Century Shamanic guide ready to assist you in illuminating your own personal genius (or superpower) and cultivating your unique Starseeded gift in ways that support your health, family, work, community, and overall well being. We all incarnated with a Soul’s purpose and Dr. G. Has that uncanny knack for helping a person to unlock the keys to vault and dissolve the barriers of trauma and forgetfulness that this old paradigm has visited on so many of us.

Dr. G’s work is about balance, truth, reconciliation, evolution, and re-membering who we are. Her work is for the daring far reaching dreamers and visionaries of the world. Dr. G’s guidance provides the energetic space of “safety” we all need to embody and execute the clarity of vision necessary for new paradigm choices during the turbulent final stages of an old paradigm era.


Geryll “Dr. G. Love” Robinson is an Internationally appreciated Healer and Teacher of Indigenous Technologies and Cross Cultural Shamanism. Dr. G. is a Doctor of Naprapathy, Reiki Master, Poet, Playwright, and a co-creator of the Black Witch Chronicles with Lakeesha Harris and Zoë Flowers. She has an online and in-person Private practice at Five Directions Wellness and through this practice has been participating in the wellness, awakening, and conscious evolution of her global community since 2003.

“Now Is The Time To Open Our Hearts” – Alice Walker

Dr. G. Love was a part of the first wave of returning New Orleans residents after the levy break of Hurricane Katrina and has been providing integrative holistic Trauma healing for thousands of people encompassing a broad spectrum of  ages, genders, beliefs, and cultural identities in the Greater New Orleans Area and beyond in the more than 10 years since.



Dr. Geryll Robinson aka: Dr. G. Love, is a Diviner, Naprapath, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master,

Returning to Source

Returning to Source

co-creative artist, and Goddess at Large. Dr. G. Love is also a Black Prizmatic spiritual and political activist for Human and Planetary Rights. Dr. G. Love’s work is about Balance. Truth. Reconciliation. Evolution. Re-membering who we are.

Dr. G. Love’s work as an artist, writer, educator, and healer has incarnated in such forms as The Black Witch Chronicles™, Legacy Reiki Attunements, workshops in earth honoring traditions (commonly known as Shamanism), teaching artist creations on anti-violence, sexuality awareness, and energy work,  Installation art, and Plays.

Dr. G. Love has had the pleasure of apprenticing with lifetimes of Master Healers including, Chief Amachi Buaru of IIKDS, don Oscar Miro Quesada,  Andean Highland and Amazon elders of Peru including don Mariano of the Q’ero Nation, and don Ignacio of the Rio Tambopata region, Dr. Jane Fresne, Dr. Lavonne Hill, Professor Deborah Lubar, Professor Katherine Kendall, Professor Andrea Hairston, The Chicago Neo-Futurists, HealthWorks Theater Company, Black Sphota Cocoon Theater Collective, The Goodman Theatre, the Lady Linda Jack et. al, Mama Sonia Hernandez (RIP), Iya Aroyomi Grey, Baba Marcus Akinlana, The Spirits of New Orleans, Congo Square, Swamp, Bayou, Mississippi River, and countless brilliant beings who continue to assist her on this amazing journey of Spirit.

Highlights of “formal” education and experience

The Chicago National College of Naprapathy and Clinic
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
The National Theater Institute
Smith College
John Dewey High School, Brooklyn NY

Dr. G. LovePhoto by L. Kasimu Harris 


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