Do you ever feel that you need to hear the guidance of your inner voice more clearly?

Divination Healing with Dr. G. Love is a life affirming and clarifying experience that will bring immediate practical guidance to your life. Concerns about your spirit, mind, body, family, work, love, and relations will be addressed. Questions will be answered in a proactive way and the energies of the Divination Healing will immediately begin to open doors and clear obstacles to your conscious evolution.

Using Indigenous Divination Technologies from Northern Ghana, Shamanic Energies from the Americas, healing guidance from years of community healing experience, and the power of the ancestors, Dr. G. Love will illuminate a grid of your personal universe in a way that is immediately accessible and life changing.

What clients are saying….

“I had an excellent reading with Dr. G. I have been dealing with a long standing issue and already had had more than one reading about it. None of the other readings had been particularly helpful. In my reading, Dr. G. quickly zeroed in on the common energetic connections. She cut right through the fat, gristle and sinew and got right down to the bone, the dna, of what has been unfolding in my life. She was kind, and compassionate as she listened to me; a good advocate and witness. She gave me practical information about how to resolve my issues and begin restructuring my life in a healthier way. She gave me validation and confirmation that what I was sensing REALLY was happening to me. The information and advice about how to move forward successfully: invaluable. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of whatever is vexing you, work with this woman! She’s a truly gifted healer.” –  S. de LM ~ Energy healer Berkeley, CA

Divination Time
Divination Time

Divination Healings with Dr. G. Love can be used as a regular, seasonal, or annual guide that will assist you in making the right choices in service to your vision. Consults can be done by phone, skype, facetime, hangouts, or in person. All forms of contact are equally as powerful and illuminating.

Be it a new job, relationship, or vision, you will have the insight necessary to move forward with clarity. Obstacles will be revealed and we will do the work to clear these obstacles for full fruition of your destiny.

Divination Healings with Dr. G. Love are for those who are truly ready to open doors and clear long standing patterns in their life. Unlike other other forms of Divination, Divination Healings with Dr. G will immediately begin to shift your life and perspectives in service to your true vision and destiny. Get ready to be the one you have been waiting for.

More testimonials…

I had a great read with Dr. G Love and she really hit it on the nose as she confirmed a lot of what I felt to be true. I feel that Dr. G also was able to pin point the cautions that I should be taking in my life. Her solution also helped me to clarify my thoughts. Even now I am thinking about what she saw and looking to apply it to my life. Removing people and looking closer at the obstacles that i am attracting in to my life.

I am opening up to my ancestors. I have acknowledged them in the past but never really called on them to help me here in this realm. Learning to be open about that. That is one of the solutions that need to happen for me to move forward in my journey when seeking guidance. As they speak to me now indirectly the direct approach would be great.. ” – B.L. New Orleans, LA

Dr. G’s divination was life changing. It was illuminating in ways that other readings have not been that I have had over the years. The reading was so in depth and I truly felt her interpretation was delivered in a way that I could understand. However, there were things some elements that I couldn’t grasp and G walked me through all of it until I “got it.” I believe the “oldness the ancientness of the practice suits my energy well. I have already begun referring Dr. G’s divination to other people!” K.R – New York, NY

Divination Mat
The Divination Mat

Prices/Energetic Exchange

Divination Healings with Dr. G. Love are being offered at a discounted rate of $150  until January 24th  2016, after which each session will be $250 per reading. Readings will range from 60-120 minutes. Readings are done through Phone, Skype, Facetime, Hangouts, or in person. All readings are completely professional and confidential. Contact 5directionswellness@gmail.com to make an appointment. Divination is open to people of all walks of life, spiritual paths, and sexual and gender identities. One love.