Audio Interview with Dr. G. Love

Audio Interview with Dr. G. Love

Today I had the pleasure of a medicine transmission that addresses issues of silence around our collective healing traumas and the mental and emotional distress that naturally arises. Tiffany Camille and I generate a lot of passionate energy around the past 8 years of Persistent Traumatic Stress Disorder in New Orleans, our innate magic and ability to heal ourselves, and the power of community.

30 mins


Gettin Deep and Keepin It Real Interview with Dr. G. Love

Collective Healing Through our Cultural Legacy of Rape

Collective Healing Through our Cultural Legacy of Rape

Dearest Co-Creator,

I come to this letter directly after being the channel and guide for an inter-generational (4 generations of Womyn/girls) family healing session. I just initiated a deep transmutation of a legacy of violence and abuse and incarceration that is repeating itself in Great-Grandmother, Grandmother (the person initiating the healing), Mother (who is pregnant with second child from abusive husband), and daughter (age 4). The daughter recently drew a picture of her family that shows Mommy bleeding from the head and crying. The child chose to show her artistic expression of truth to Grandma. Grandma and I have initiated a ceremonial and in-house healing plan for truth telling and shadow revealing across the generations. This is a deep and soul searching process for all members of the family to navigate with as much care and support as possible. I am proud of Grandma for reaching out and initiating a healing process in her family that requires her to look at her own contributions to this on going cycle of terror and abuse. Our intention is to heal with truth and reconciliation across all hystory of wounding that may have created deficiencies and imbalances in their collective development of Root and Sacral chakra stability.

All three mothers are powerful and aware light workers walking and evolving on the Path of The Wounded Healer. At this time in our “two legged” evolution there is a critical mass of consciousness capable of breaking the cycles of silence and shame that prevent so many of us from addressing this pandemic issue of sexual violence. At this time in our evolution (January/February, 2014), we are entering a planetary location where Venus Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde are intersecting and creating a powerful portal for addressing our collective legacy of rape and torture with new paradigm healing focus. The energies of these retrogrades allow for deep interpersonal and relational healing of our deepest mental, emotional, and psychic wounds.

The intentional healing that happens now in our own lives is reverberating deeply into the collective spirit and is opening doors to healing through all times, all genders, all expressions and all truths in service to a world that is committed to healing and transmuting the wounds that lead to sexual violence. We can and will stop supporting a rape culture. I envision a day when a young person feels empowered to speak to an elder about their sexual impulses BEFORE they act on them in ways that may become harmful. I envision a day when these elders meet this concern with open hearts and open minds full of wisdom and effective guidance for the young person. I clearly see a society that does not use the cover of shame as a way to invisibilize and perpetuate a deeply troubling cycle of violence and misplaced power.

In our base chakras we develop as children a foundation that will influence our choices and development for a lifetime. Between the ages of “womb” to 21 we develop the baseline frequencies for our lower three chakras.

We all incarnate with basic rights as planetary beings and citizens:

1. “The Right To Have/Exist” emanates from our Muladhara / 1st Chakra (Element- Earth, PachaMama, Gaia, Mother Earth, Nana Borucu, Dirt etc.)
2. “The Right To Feel” emanates from our Svaddisthana / 2nd Chakra (Element- Water, MamaKilla, Mami Wata, Yemaya, The Ocean, El Mar etc.)
3. “The Right To Act” emanates from our Manipura / Third Chakra (Element-Fire, Inti Tayta, Ogun, Pele, Nina, Plasma etc.)

Our Individual and Collective Legacy of Rape and Oppression has led to great collective DEVELOPMENTAL dysfunction of these Foundational Chakras of “Safety” and “Security” therefore these foundational Rights are not operating at an optimal frequency.

In large part we learn to make life decisions based on the input our Manipura Chakra gets from the supporting two Chakras. Manipura can be a volatile Chakra because it holds our “mind” and “ego” as well as our sense of Self. It is Element Fire and is easily influenced by the environment. When a being develops with imbalances in the first two foundational Chakras, the Third Chakra tries to compensate by operating as the Foundation of support, security, desire, and action. Using our Manipura Fire Chakra as the foundation that supports not only the 4 higher Chakras, but the lower two, can make us vulnerable to making choices and attracting outcomes based on the reflections we receive from our external environments without the deeper sense of our Rights “To Have” what we are led to have, and “To Feel” what we are led to feel. This can lead to the kind of cross cultural collective consciousness dissonance that we are currently experiencing in our conscious evolution as a planet.

The Frequential impact of Rape, Terror, and Silencing has greatly challenged our collective ability to stand in our power. These tactics are well documented and practiced weapons of war. Rape has been used as a military strategy meant to disturb and disrupt the foundational cohesiveness of the conquered “territory” for the entire documented hystory of war. Countless generations later, this deeply rooted dissonance and wounding has become a seemingly “essential” pattern in our social consciousness.

Now is the time to illuminate and shift this pattern in as many ways as possible. The door is open. Education, illumination, truth telling, silence breaking, prayer, reconciliation, Reiki, Spirit Healing, Light Work, and surrender are our allies in this transformational journey of spirit and consciousness.

I pray and vision that together, our healing frequency reaches through the spiral folds of time and space to address all tactical destruction of our Basic Foundational Rights as Planetary Be-ings and resolve all wounded ness of the womb frequency that is our Planet. We are co-creating new templates for a society that does not fear the power of the Svaddisthana / 2nd Chakra. May our sexual, sensual, creative, imaginative, water selves be embraced and illumined with a compassion that transcends all outmoded stories, belief systems and judgements. We embrace our essential Rights as Planetary Beings vibrating in harmony with the greater whole of the universe.

You have Rights!

1. The Right to Have and Exist
2. The Right to Feel
3. The Right to Act
4. The Right to Love
5. The Right to Speak, Hear and Be Heard
6. The Right to See and Vision
7. The Right to Know, Intuit, Guide and Be Guided

In light love and service,
Ashe amen Aho Namaste,
Dr. G. Love
Geryll Robinson