Dr. G. Preparing essences from Mother bottles

Dr. G. Preparing essences from Mother bottles

ENIGMA  13 Flower Essences For rEvolutionary Healing, Vision, and Ancestral Guidance WILDcrafted by Dr. G. Love in the Green Mountains of Vermont.


Flower Essences are an energetic infusion of flower medicine into a ritually balanced container of spring water preserved with either gluten free (GF) vodka or Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). They work like a homeopathic remedy for your meridian and energetic systems, bringing relief and insight into some of life’s most challenging evolutionary aspects.

Each .5oz bottle contains 70% natural mountain spring water and 30% GF vodka or Apple Cider Vinegar.


The ENIGMA 13 Flower Essences:

Bee Balm: Brings confidence over anxiety, sadness and low self-esteem. Ease, Confidence, and Pattern Breaking. (Click here for more info/purchase)

Black Eyed Susan (On the Black Hand Side!): Creates focus for those who are overstimulated by the external environment. Self-Awareness, insight, and consciousness. (Click here for more info/purchase)

Creeping Bellflower: Love Creeps into your Heart! Dispels Fairy Tale notions that love will come from outside of ourselves. (Click here for more info/purchase)

Ghost Flower: Death/Rebirth Rituals, shamanic journeying/meditation, and ancestral communications. (Click here for more info/purchase)

Jewel Weed: Manages Anger and Irritability. Brings the deeper cause to the surface and assists in clearing patterns of anger. (Click here for more info/purchase)

Flower Bath of Bee Balm and magical essences

Flower Bath of Bee Balm and magical essences

Lambs Ear: Brings Tenderness and Gentleness to those who have developed a rough and warring way. Excellent for political activists and those who work in overpowering atmospheres. (Click here for more info/purchase)

Queen Anne’s Lace: As above so below! Anchors the spirit work into the body and ancestral roots of our systems. Spiritual sight. (Click here for more info/purchase)

Sea Mayweed (Yoni Power!): Strengthens Divine Feminine Wisdom. Heals the wounds of sexual trauma and rape culture. Enhances creative brilliance. (Click here for more info/purchase)

SilverRod: Electrical re-wiring of meridians in relationship to the electromagnetic grid of the Planet. Personal paradigm shift support. Travel. (Click here for more info/purchase)

Wild Morning Glory: An Energetic Road Opener to the cosmos. Helps those who are sensitive to Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) to remain emotionally balanced in energetically chaotic atmospheres. (Click here for more info/purchase)

White Phlox: Clear communications in business and society. A support for those dealing with Post Trauma symptoms.  Connection with ones true Soul’s Purpose. (Click here for more info/purchase)

Sea Mayweed helps heal from sexual trauma

Sea Mayweed helps heal from sexual trauma

Yarrow/Echinacea blend:  PROTECTION and healing of the auric field. Breaking up blockages. Ogun warrior energy. (Click here for more info/purchase)

Each flower in the ENIGMA 13 line brings it’s own wisdom and guidance to us for our continued conscious evolution. Just as using herbal medicine internally or topically brings healing to our physical bodies, flower essences bring healing to our emotional and spiritual bodies.

Flower Essences are an ENERGETIC healing medicine and therefore have no contraindications, drug interactions, or problematic effects. They can be used safely by pregnant women, children, and animal friends. For those who would prefer a non-alcohol base, an Apple Cider Vinegar option is available for each essence.


For years I have been meditating on creating an accessible line of energetic medicines to assist us on the often challenging journey of conscious evolution during a time of great shift on the Planet. We live in a time where we are transmuting inherited legacies of trauma and imbalance both externally and internally. Flower medicine is here as a portal of communication with our inner selves, our ancestors, and our nature spirits across all time and space. While sleeping on the land at my family home in the Green Mountains of Vermont, I began to dream my way into listening to the ancestral guidance of Nature Healing Spirits like that of Osain from the West African Orisha pantheon. Osain is the keeper of plant medicines and is the main guide in the creation of the ENIGMA 13 Flower Essence Line. Each flower that called to me revealed it’s medicine and purpose as I sat with it and allowed myself to envision this 13 flower healing apothecary of energetic medicines. The land has much to teach and guide us with. Mother Earth is ready to hold and nurture all of her inhabitants fully. We need only listen and allow the messages to flow.

 Geryll “Dr. G. Love” Robinson aka: Dr. G. Love, is a Diviner, Naprapath, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, co-creative artist, and Goddess at Large. She is a proud survivor of the Great Gulf Coast Flood of 2005 and community healer in the City of New Orleans and beyond. Dr. G. Love is a Black Prizmatic spiritual and political activist for Human and Planetary Rights. Dr. G. Love’s work is about Balance. Truth. Reconciliation. Evolution. Re-membering who we are.
Listening to ancestral guidance of Ghost Flowers

Listening to ancestral guidance of Ghost Flowers

A necessary note: ENIGMA 13 Flower Essences are purely energetic/magical elixirs. Five Directions Wellness makes no claim that these elixirs are medicines to be used instead of prescribed medications. Please use at your own discretion.

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