Apprenticing with Dr. G. Love is to apprentice with your own complex design, legacy, ancestry, purpose, and gifts in this incarnation. Our universal souls are calibrated to co-create in the re-awakening of our culture-scape to the multi-dimensional complexity of life itself. Using Indigenous Technologies passed down to us by the wisdom keepers of the centuries you will be guided into the core of your own personal genius and purpose in this life walk.


Apprenticeships are in cross-cultural Shamanic technologies passed to us primarily from North, Central, and South America, the African diaspora, and from the Indigenous wisdom keepers throughout the continent of Africa. All apprenticeship is designed to highlight and support YOU on your own unique expression of incarnate life during a time of great planetary change.

Dr. G. Love has and is currently apprenticing a beautiful community of visionary souls ranging in age and experience from reincarnated ancestor youth through the generations to elder wisdom keepers. Additionally Dr. G. remains constant in her own ongoing apprenticeship with her elemental guides and Indigenous teachers, elders, and family.

Apprenticeships are available for individuals via Five Directions Wellness and in groups through the Ritual Earth Healing Community

Apprenticeship teachings include:

  • Spiritual Leadership in your life workplace and home
  • Balancing of the Mental and Emotional spheres
  • Shamanic healing work for yourself and others
  • Dream magic work
  • Divination
  • Multi-dimensional travel and communication
  • Shamanic Community Organizing
  • Shadow Travel
  • Ley Line (Ceque System) connections to the original interweb planetary interwebs

    Heart Portal to Abuelita Ceiba
  • Planetary Healing Rituals (including Despacho and Apacheta practices)
  • Spiritual Hygeine
  • Dowsing
  • Altar creation and maintance
  • Ancestral communication
  • Ancestralization Practices
  • Grief Ritual
  • Land Based elemental connections (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether elemental rituals and communications)
  • GayteKeeping
  • Energetic Death/(re)Birth Transition rituals
  • Channeling
  • Mystery access

Individual Apprenticeship sessions are $175 each

Apprenticeship meetings are 90-120 minutes long and are in person or via Internet video conferencing.

Individual 4 month long Apprenticeship Packages are available for $1777

This initiatory journey intended to deepen your own relationship with your Self, guides, and personal genius includes weekly meetings with Dr. G. Love in person or via Internet Video conferencing, ongoing dream ritual connection, energetic support, text/messaging support throughout the process, altar building, healing, earth healing ritual, ancestor connection work, and any of the above mentioned practices and modalities that suit you on your journey.

Who can apprentice?

Anyone that feels a heartfelt resonance with this particular frequency of Shamanic medicine regardless of experience, age, race, gender or religious practice. Dr. G. Love is an LGBTQAI2 Indigenous GayteKeeper who supports all those who are called to do the work of bridging the paradigms of this burgeoning era. Shamanic Practices are not rooted in religion and those who apprentice with Dr. G come from a rainbow of pantheons and religious practices including: Ifa/diasporic West African religious practices, Islam, Judeo-Christian practices, and Buddhism.