SoulShifting Retreats

SoulShifting Retreats

The SoulShifting community is an eco-spiritual global web of conscious evolutionaries working with cross-cultural indigenous technologies in service to a shared vision of a peacefully evolving Earth, clean waters, healthy land, and liberated souls.


SoulShifting Retreats is a long-term global PILGRIMAGE community in service to the ancestralization of our lost and unremembered ancestors, re harmonization with elemental guides such as river, ocean, and mountain elder spirits, tectonic plate messengers, ley line (ceque system) communications, Tree mail (root and branch communication), dream guidance, and the ongoing practice and preservation of global indigenous wisdom practices.

We gather in community at energetically potent locations on the Earth and co-create ritual for the safety and well-being of all sentient beings. We gather in community to cultivate our awakening processes and support the rapidly shifting consciousness and energies of PachaMama, our communities, and ourselves.

We Embrace and Understand our Roles as Gayte Keepers and Reincarnated Ancestors in service to rainbow bridging into the new paradigm era.

2018-2019 Offerings

2018-2019 We are engaging the energies of the Northern Pacific Coast in Turtle Island.  Please contact us for information about our upcoming retreats, ritual apprenticeships, and shamanic ceremonies on Turtle Island and beyond.

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